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Tours of Sevilla, Spain

What do you want to experience in Spain?  Flamenco? Language? Tourism?

  We offer these 3 distinct tours so that you can learn and enjoy while staying in an apartment in the city center where we will be your guides to all that the city has to offer. 


Fab Fall Tours

Sept 26 - Oct 6 and Oct 10 - Oct 20, 2020

2 Tours offered this Fall because Fall is a wonderful time to be in Sevilla!  First Tour for Flamenco Dancers: 10 nights in an apartment in the city center, Choreography classes with Juan Polvillo, Fin de Fiesta Bulerias classes with “La Chocolata”, Perfection classes with Melinda Hedgecorth, Welcome tapas, Convent Tour,  Wine Tasting, Flameno performances in theatres, peñas and tablaos, Elegant goodbye dinner and the chance to show off what you learned at a real juerga!
Second Tour offers everything that the first Tour offers but instead of the dance classes we will have a day away at the Beach driven in our own personal luxury van, an exclusive Ice Cream Tasting Event, that's right because it will still be hot, as well as other specialized Tours.
$2,000 or £1,800 in three payments, airfare and most meals are not included.  Payments are non-refundable.  Reserve a place for more information!

Flamenco Classes

Enjoy 5 Choreography classes with Juan Polvillo.
5 Fin de Fiesta Bulerias classes with " La Chocolata".
And 5 Perfection classes with Melinda Hedgecorth who will help you to understand, practise and perfect corrections and steps given in classes.
And the opportunity to see flamenco artists from Spain performing in venues that are popular with both tourists and locals.


We offer shared apartments in the city center of Sevilla. Not in the touristy part of town, but in a real neighborhood where you can walk to classes, have a café con leche or relax in your patio or rooftop terrace.

Apartments are normally occupied by 2 guests (unless it is an especially large apartment).

In your apartment you will have:
A lovely and spacious living room with a table for meals
A well equipped kitchen with refrigerator, stovetop and microwave
1 bathroom with hairdryer and towels
Your own bed in a shared bedroom (1 other person)
Free Wifi
Air-conditioning (handy in the summer)
Your own washing machine
Patio or rooftop deck for cool relaxing evenings


Here are the extras that help make 45° special and memorable:
Welcome tapas- sample some of the finest typical tapas that this region has to offer in the comfort of one of the apartments as you rest from your long journey and get to know other people on the tour.
Secret Convent Tour- Come to see the beautiful patios inside those scarred walls and sample some homemade goodies made by the nuns themselves!
Wine Tasting- Learn about the history of wines from Spain and while you sip taste different tapas that bring out the flavor of the South!
See the sights with your own personal guide and translator (me).  I will show you around town with some help from friends who are experts and historians.
An advantage of touring with locals is that they know the inside track where to see all the best flamenco. We will be on the lookout for the best performances in the local tablaos, peñas and theatres in Sevilla.

It will be hard to say goodbye but we will do it in style at one of the best restaurants in Sevilla at Az-Zait, where the chef offers us his favourite local dishes with a personal twist.



Sevilla Tour

October 10-20, 2020

10 nights in an apartment in the city center, Welcome tapas, Tours of the city center as well as the important monuments, Wine Tasting, Flamenco performance, Palmas Class, Day Out at the Beach, Ice Cream Tasting, Shopping, Elegant goodbye dinner and your own personal guide and translator!
$2,000 in four payments which are nonrefundable, airfare and most meals are not included.


Welcome Tapas

Sample some of the finest typical tapas that this region has to offer in the comfort of one of the apartments as you rest from your long journey and get to know other people on the tour.


Specialized tours behind the scarred walls of convents, the magnificent Cathedral, the winding paths through the Jewish Quarter and all the local sites in our own neighborhood in the city center.


Never tire of learning!  Drink wine with the experts, learn more about flamenco and even about the history of ice cream, of course with samples!

Day Trip

Getaway to the Beach in style in a comfortable and private van with all the extras!