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45° Flamenco

Performing Group

45° Flamenco presents both traditional and cutting edge flamenco singing, music and dance with music director and guitarist Beau Bledsoe, singer from Sevilla, Spain Antonio Rojas Flor, dancer/choreographer Melinda Hedgecorth and various guest artists on percussion, cello, bass and/or saxophone. Our performances are bilingual and full of rhythm and high energy.  We have a variety of presentations which range from a typical mainstage flamenco show in Spain to educational presentations: Orígenes a music and dance timeline about the different cultures that passed through the South of Spain from medieval to modern times and Ida y Vuelta which acknowledges “borrowed songs” from Cuba and Mexico and how they came to be woven into the fabric of Flamenco. 45° Flamenco is also available for private parties, events, classes, workshops and residencies and has experience working with both adults and children in English and/or Spanish.

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